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It’s been a while

Wow. Okay. It’s been nearly three years since my last entry here. Yeah I know I’m a lazy bitch and I should write more often etc etc. Many things have happened in these years – I broke up with my … Continue reading

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Destination Unknown

My “epic” video is finally finished… took me long enough. You can see the video on youtube this time, since I am too lazy to upload a 500MB file on my server. You can view it on YT from germany, … Continue reading

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Now in english too

Since about 20% of my viewers use english as their os/browser language, I thought why not translate your blog in english? Well okay, I am totaly at the beginning right now and not much more than this post is translated … Continue reading

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Website is redone … again

Good and even better news. I will, after the server is now moved and works as intended, redo most parts of my homepage.

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Uhm Hello? Heeeeeellloooo?

*cough* well, it’s been awfully quiet around here in the past. Honestly, I haven’t been very motivated to write anything to begin with. What happened? Not much. World of Warcraft: Well we finally managed to kill our third Heroic Boss … Continue reading

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