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New Homepage

Okay, I admit – I didn’t really had the motivation to create a whole new page. BUT at least I created a quick new front page, after the great zearyu created a new background image for me. If you can’t … Continue reading

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Horray… here I am

Hello, I think I finally finished the setup process and initial design. All posts before this one are more like a “resume”… like “what happened before”. If you’re interested in my previous online life, sure read on – if not, … Continue reading

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Other things that happened

Well.. this post marks the end of my old notes. There surely is a whole lot else that happened back then… be it the WoEs with Jam! or several funny and exciting moments while leveling with friends, MVPing or other … Continue reading

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What happened so far

The next entries most likely won’t contain anything “new”, but I think that some might be interested what I experienced in Ragnaok. All started in 2005 on iRO Chaos. I heard about the MMORPG Ragnarok and was visiting their homepage … Continue reading

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