Every End is also a new start

And my new start began yesterday. I left my WoW guild “dependence”, after I was treated like shit for some raids. […..]

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Holy shit! Blizzard is nice. I’ll pay WoW for one year every 3 month like I do now (only with a 1 year contract) and get Diablo 3, 100% beta access for Mists of Pandaria and when 4.3 launches a nice ingame mount. What the hell! Nice. […..]

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New Job

Wohoo. Since Spiele Max didn’t want me to work for them any more, I had to look for a new job after chilling for 3 years. […..]

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iPhone 4 & 4S (UPDATE3)

Oh well. The iPhone. I wouldn’t really know how to live without a smartphone anymore. Apple announced the 4S some days ago – and if you want to believe the rumors the 5 will launch someday in the middle of next year as well. […..]

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Facebooking and me

Well. For some reason the Facebook app hates me. Or it’s simply programmed like shit. Or maybe both. Whatever… my posts are not always published. Mostly when I entered a detailed post about something. […..]

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