Well.. where to begin ?

It has been a while since I wrote my last post, and of course in this time some stuff happened =)

Let’s begin with the Real-Life, since it’s the fastest one. Like about 2 weeks ago my girlfriend decided that she couldn’t live with me together anymore. So I am single again, yay. She said that she “cannot live with my attitude towards life”. Ofc she noticed that after we lived together for more than six month, but she also had an explanation for that: “ye well I thought I won’t mind”. I don’t know what to think about it, but well – now I am searching for a new apartment.

I will have a closer look at the center of Hamburg and will hope that I can find something I can afford (well I don’t really think there is sth. at the moment) and if not I will get something at the outer circle again. I am also worried if my cat Smoky can handle the move… she likes it outside and is there quite often.. but time will tell.

In World of Warcraft we not only got the Mists of Pandaria addon, but also the Landfall 5.1 Patch. The maximum level was raised to 90, you’ll have about 400k life and 100k dps in non-burst phases are not too uncommon. Since I don’t have that much time, due to work, I found a smaller nice guild who accepted that I can only raid every other week. With the Addon I also switched my mainchar from Hunter to Rogue, which turned out to be the right decision. Hunter can actually play only Beastmaster and even then they are not the best choice. Rogue, Priest, Monk and soon my Hunter are already level 90 – and I think it will stay this way. MY Mage will follow some day for sure, but currently I am not really interested in leveling her. Pandaren Monk is nice to play and is a good healer but I kinda suck at the really unusual playstyle (doing melee damage to heal and finding the balance between Chi and Mana).

Another nice new feature I noticed while leveling my Hunter is the new tracking. There are some rare Hunter pets that who are stealthed all the time. You can only detect them if you drop a flare – but for this you’ll have to know where they are. To find them you should follow some of the footprints that they leave behind and when they end drop your flare and hope you’re right. The best thing is that they won’t aggro even if you try to tame them – you can even tap them and they won’t even mind.

Overall Mists of Pandaria is a nice addon. Effects and graphics are really nice and the raids are .. well okay, maybe not that challenging.

I have been a bit more actively playing EVE Online lately and took some nice roams with the EVE University again. The main reason was that I finally wanted to see the new Missile effects, which were ingame for the whole Inferno Patch. I know it’s been out a while but I didn’t have time to play multiple MMOs. The first Operation was leading to a Wormhole, where we trashed an old POS from a former Wartarget. I flew with my Drake since it had been some time since the last Op and I didn’t want to take any chances. In retrospect I could have brought nearly anything (guess the Raven or Tengu would have been best) since the way was mostly empty. In the second Op we wanted to engage some Wartargets who had setup a gatecamp at a trade Hub, but we were a little bit slow (or the Wartargets had been spyed on us) so that we followed them to their home base without catching anyone of them. On the way we encountered a Flashy who didn’t even got the time to warp away in his POD. Overall it was a nice refreshing evening. Maybe I’ll settle in the Low-Sec or even in the Wormhole camp – more action guaranteed.

On Monday I unexpectedly got time to participate in another Operation in which we roamed through some Low-Sec camps. Sadly it was mostly empty and no one wanted to engage us. That changed kinda fast when one of our Scouts found a Vagabond Gang in Black Rise on D-Scan. Some Probes later we got a nice Warp-In on top of them. They were not amused. We also lost some Ships and even a POD, but we came out with a really positive efficiency.

My “Epic Video” is gets together quite nice and with the last Ops I could record some nice stuff for the EVE Online part. AION and WoW will require some more recording, but hey that’s what LFR is for =D Also I am not sure which song to use. I’ve got Die Happy – Supersonic Speed, Celdweller – Switchback orSick Puppies – You’re going down to choose from, but they’re all kinda fitting …

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