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Okay, this text is about League of Legends. If you don’t play it I think it won’t make much sense to you. It’s also kind of a rant about ARAM and Normal Queue, since I don’t play Ranked games (yet?) I can’t tell how bad it’s there and I don’t want to judge stuff I haven’t played.

The things I hate MOST about the queue are summarized and described below:

  • The “I can’t even press a button” people
    Is it really THAT hard, if you queue for a game to accept it? It’s just the press of a button. But hey, even in ARAM Q (which pops like instant) there are people who decline the queue, like WHAT? How could you decide that you would like to join a game and about 10 seconds later you don’t want to play it anymore?
    Even worse are the people who don’t even accept the queue and just wait the 10 seconds until it runs out. I mean sure – I’ve been afk too or just tabbed out of the window and missed the queue, but I have just spent HALF AN HOUR waiting for an ARAM game to start. You have to imagine you wait 10 seconds, a queue pops and you join – or not – in my case it was mostly not. You wait another 10 seconds and it pops again – and then you wait another 10 … you see where I get there. But what’s even worse brings me to my next point

  • The “I don’t get the champ I want in ARAM so I leave” people
    They join the queue, which is fine, but they instantly leave if they don’t get the champ they want (even with trading and 2 rerolls) and bring everyone else back to the waiting room. I mean SURE, if you really don’t want to play a melee or a tank or whatever then you shouldn’t be forced to play it.
    But on the other hand, why the FUCK do you even queue for a “all RANDOM all mid” game in the first place? Chances are kinda high that you end up with a champ you have never really played before or which just sucks for ARAM in general (well that would depend on the other team tho), but it annoys the fuck out of everyone else in the queue.

  • The “I am AFK the first 2 mins in a draft game” people
    You have to imaging waiting for 10-15 mins for a single normal draft pick game (due to the points mentioned above), you are third pick and it normally takes around 1-2 mins until you can pick your champion. So the time is mostly spend discussing with the team where who goes. I, for myself, prefer solo top or mid lane, but I can also play support if I have to. So usually I start “top or mid please” when all joined the room, but I also respect the pick order – so someone above me has “priority” if they want a certain spot. Sure it’s not very clever to pick either mid or top first but well whatever – it’s still not a ranked game, so it doesn’t matter much. So you have discussed the spots and all seems fine, until the second pick has to choose his champion – he would have jungle or support left since all other lanes are already “taken” … well or not, since he instalocks some Top/Mid/ADC and still refuses to write anything in chat. After being questioned usual answers are “I am first/second pick, I pick what I want”… well usually that would be fine, but is it THAT hard to communicate the decision with your team so that they can decide which champ they want to play or at least prepare for their role?

  • The “I don’t get my lane so I leave” people
    Similar to the above are people who just leave at the FUCKING LAST SECOND when they don’t get the lane they wanted. They just wasted about 5-7 minutes of my life for nothing. They act like they’re fine with their champion choice but if they get a) countered or b) aren’t really fine with the outcome will leave at one of the last seconds before the game stars. I have spent one hour and 15 minutes in queue until a game finally started. I have this on stream and I still cannot believe what happened. There were countless discussions, premade teams, leaving, not accepting, flame wars and stuff until we finally got into a game against a 4 man premade team who got stomped really hard. At least THAT was a plus point.

  • The “I tell people to report someone before the game started” people
    They usually play in a >Gold ranking and think they know everything about the game and just hang around normal’s to annoy the shit out of people. They tell you exactly WHAT champion you HAVE to play and scream “REPORT XYZ FOR TROLLING” as soon as you pick another one. They will flame almost everyone about their choice of whatever during the champion select and even blame the bans if there’s a “unusual” champion in there. Well maybe they’re really a better player than everyone else in the queue. Somehow they have earned their Gold ranking – so they have to have done something right, on the other hand they are also terrible at team play and will usually be a dead weight.

  • The “I don’t care that this is an international server” people
    Language in League of Legends – at least on the EU West server is usually English, since there are several nationalities involved and well English is something everyone should have learned in school anyways. Keep in mind I don’t talk about Russian servers or one of the others who just cover a small amount of languages – this is about the European one. Some people just refuse to write English. Sure, if you want to talk to your friends you choose your native language – on the other hand why are you not in a voice server? Why do you have to spam chat with your Italian/French/German/godknows bullshit no one except you understands? I mean I speak German and understand most of the Italian/French writing, but it annoys the fuck out of me, especially when you talk bad about me or the other players “behind” their backs. If you have a problem with the jungler why do you have to write that his mother is a whore in German? If she really is, I bet he wants to know as well.

It’s not often that I want to punch people over the internet, but then there are the other days. Please keep in mind that this describes just what happens during CHAMPIONSELECT / QUENUE – not during the actual game… this is a whole other story!

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