Toravon the Ice Watcher

Well, after the new arena season started (we’re currently at S8) there is of course a new boss at Archavons Vault. This time it’s the Ice Watcher Toravon… sounds interesting, but honestly it isn’t. He has two “important” spells (at least for me as DD) – one is Summon Frozen Orbs, with which he summons 1 (or 3 in 25 man) Frozen Orbs. Those whirl around in the raid and do some frost damage. They have around 100k life and die pretty fast if some people actually focus them. The second spell is Whiteout, where he freezes the whole ground and does great raid damage.
If the Frozen Orbs are not killed fast enough this surely is the end then. For us this was pretty easy tho and worked well. It is important that you bring enough DPS, since Whiteout stacks and increases frost damage taken by 25% each stack. Ouch!
The encounter is pretty heal intensive, so fresh 80s might have their problems getting the raid up.

Since I recently skilled [Incanter’s Absorbtion], I naturally use my fire and frost wards in encounters like Archavons Vault… rocks. While “real” raiding I usually use other skills, because there is mostly shadow type damage.

Oh, and since Toravon also drops 2 Frost badges, I have my T10(4) one day earlier than expected. [loot=50275]

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