Uhm Hello? Heeeeeellloooo?

*cough* well, it’s been awfully quiet around here in the past. Honestly, I haven’t been very motivated to write anything to begin with. What happened? Not much.

World of Warcraft: Well we finally managed to kill our third Heroic Boss (Magmaw, Chimaeron & Halfus) and we’re pretty close in beating Maloriak. Yesterday we tried Valiona & Theralion as well, but it’s a REALLY long way till we can beat them. Same problem as we face with Atramedes: People can’t manage to play an encounter without failing. If I take a look at our tries on Al’Akir (whom we were unable to kill yesterday – PATHETIC), then I get sick. That I’m not on the priority healing list as a Hunter is totally understandable, but when I stand outside the group with Lightning Rod and don’t get ANY heal (apart from my Health potion, lol) during the 20-30 sec that I was alive, that’s just sad. Oh yeah – and at this point all healers were alive.

Whatever, at least I was able to get some nice loot: [loot=65139], [loot=60303] (since the token drops from Al’Akir as well now), [loot=59485], [loot=65141] and from ZA also [loot=69549]… overall a nice batch of new items.

EVE Online: I started experimenting with Planetary Interaction. Since I don’t know anything about Industry or Research, I had to ask another Unista how to actually build your planetary settlements. My first try was rather… *cough* well, let’s not talk about it. Currently everything works pretty well, sure – there is no profit yet, but we’ll get there. Kerrigan is also learning the PI skills, so that I have a steady income even during war times (which happen to be pretty common recently). With Shark I learned how to fly Interceptors; They’re pretty fun to fly. His skills are too low to actually fly them during a roam, but that might be better in one or two weeks. 4000 km/s is still too low for speed-tanking.

Additionally I have updated my Character page, added some images and fleshed out the text. I am not sure if it will stay like this or if I rework some parts the next days. Oh and you can reach me on Twitter Twitter (iShark5060 – Shrk5060 was already taken, wtf) and Facebook (Shark5060) as well.

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