Always funny

It’s always funny. I host several forums, websites and other things that friends of me uploaded.

They do get the whole thing for free of course.

90% of the users of my services are grateful for it, don’t try to cheat me and don’t bother me at all. As I’ve said 90%. Some user think that they own the place, upload 10GB videos, cause 3TB traffic a month or instantly spam me in MSN when the server is unreachable for a day and flame me for it. As if I owe them anything. As if they could demand anything from me.

Luckily FTP accounts are as easily deleted as they are created. So as a plea to all those of you who use my services – keep the simple rules in mind and we’re best friends. If you don’t want to, there are enough webhoster that will either cost you money, are slow as fuck or will spam your page with ads. Your choice.

The best thing is when such ex-users decide to ‘fuck off Shark, we’ll do our own thing. We can do it better anyways!!’. You’ll take a look at their forums a few days later, which isn’t supervised by me, and see 5000 spam posts and the ‘Admin’ can’t keep up with deleting them. Even better when the self-designed homepage looks the same and you read a post 2 month later that the forums and the comment sections are taken down, since the admin doesn’t have time to maintain them.

Wasn’t that bad when you had someone who did the dirty work for you, wasn’t it?

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