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Well, it’s been a while since I last wrote here. Heads up: Diablo3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Aion, EVE Online, moving, cats… well this should be a summary of this article. Just prepare for a wall of text =D

Okay, where do I start? Diablo 3. The game finally launched and after you were able to login after a few days, I was finally able to participate in the slaughter. I played with my brother most of the time on Normal and Nightmare difficulty (he played a Monk and I went with a Demon Hunter). After we finished those two difficulties the game actually started, Hell is one of the modes where you can’t just run around brainlagged, but isn’t really THAT hard too. After a few visits to the Gold-AH (the real money AH wasn’t online yet) we wen’t to Inferno pretty fast. The first Act was still pretty okay but beginning with Act two you really noticed that you arrived at the end content.

Before playing Diablo I got another game – Deus Ex: Human revolution incl. the DLC “The Missing Link”. The game was recommended to me in the RoCards forums and I have to admit, I wasn’t disappointed. It has been years since I played DeusEx for the last time and I was surprised to see that the basics haven’t changed since. Human Revolution plays, as usual, in the distant future, where men and machine merge together more and more. The protagonist is injured harshly during the “intro” and is augmented to guarantee his survival. Well most people would be happy to be equipped with such technology which costs millions but of course there are always risks and side effects. But I don’t want to tell too much about the story itself, I only want to add: You could easily make a movie out of it.

Aion is one of the MMOs I play rather frequently. World of Warcraft got rather boring recently which may be because my guild decided not to raid with 25 players anymore. And until Mists of Pandaria finally leaves beta stadium it will take a while. So I decided to take out my Ranger again and push him to Level 55 thanks to double EXP. Thanks to my guildmates (or legionmates? Whatever) of the Legion “Finalheavel” I got the basic equipment pretty easily. I completed my FP-armor and with the Nanyu Bow (+2 FB Bow addition) a pretty nice weapon. I am currently farming some AP to get the Level 55 Ethernal Trinkets (I have a Level 30 earring and ring, but the rest is missing). The only problem is to run around as Officer until you finally have all AP together. But PvP is pretty fun currently since my Hunter is able to survive some punches and I learn to use my skills properly. Compared to WoW the PvP in Aion is pretty fast and you won’t survive any mistakes. Some classes are still pretty broken tho and magic-resistance gear makes most spells useless – but hey, at least I am range DD….

There were some really nice battles in EVE Online as well. Since the changes regarding the wardecs we are nearly permanently in war with some other corporations, but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone – it’s not our money. The wormhole exploration class I wanted to talk about took place during one of the few peace times. We started with about 30 people in mostly frigates , some SB, BC and a few logi and scanned down a few promising wormholes. The group wasn’t meant to clear any of the sites in the WH, we wanted to jump from WH to WH and hopefully encounter some targets along the way. I joined with my stealth bomber and we formed a squad of four with one ship of each race. I have to admit it was the first time I’ve flown the SB in a fleet – at least apart from some solo actions and scouting – and thus it was a pretty nice new experience for me as well. After we scanned 2-3 WHs and didn’t find any ships or structures except for the fist C4, we were contacted by the FC of the fleet in the first worm hole if we were looking for a fight. Obvious trap is obvious, but why not – flying around looking for the whole evening wasn’t very exciting as well. So we prepared a bit and accepted their “offer”. After our scouts provided a nice warpin for our SB fleet and we were able to drop 1-2 bombs onto them the rest of the fleet arrived. Our enemies fielded mostly BCs and some frigs, but were pretty nicely organized with logistics, so that we had to take care of the Basilisks first. The SB is not only able to throw bombs onto the enemies but can also pack a punch with torpedoes as well (especially with my 13m missile skills). One thing I learned this night is, that if you’re targeted and the rectangle turns yellow you should be aligned and if it turns red you should be in warp already. But well what’s a few ISK… bought a new ship in HEK and went back to the mayhem. There were a few very nice kills across the board. After we succeeded to win the first round our enemies wanted revenge after refitting, but we declined, since we had some losses ourselves as well and some students didn’t have that much money to buy a dozen ships. Successful operation? Well yes, but not as planned =D

Okay, let’s get to some more “real” topics. I moved in with my girlfriend in April and we’re living in Thesdorf (a village near Pinneberg) now. I basically moved from one end of Hamburg to the other. If you’d asked me I would have preferred a flat more central in Hamburg, but since Nicole has to get to her horse several times during the week we couldn’t move that far away from it. We found a nice 3-room place in a renovated old building, where our cats are welcome as well. There was still MUCH to do and I am still not satisfied with some of the rooms, but at least you’re able to live in it now. After we had some problems with missing windows and doors we were able to get everything sorted. The flat comes with a small garden shed where I am currently store my tools. Our neighbors above us moved out one month after we moved in (they said it’s not because of us =D) and we are curious who will move in next.

If we’re talking about moving. Katrin decided that she wanted to keep Killer (or well – she asked me if I had a problem if she took the cat with her), so that we went on to look for a new playmate for Luna. eBay small advertisements brought us to Smoky – a tough 1 year old kitten who joined the family. According to the place shown the cat should have been in central Hamburg, but apparently there was an error and we had to take a “small” detour to Herzsprung, which is a 2.5h drive away from Hamburg. Smoky himself accepted his new home and made friends with Luna.

Guess that concludes this post. It’s enough anyways.

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