Sometimes I feel if the Service or the general brainfuckery of some companies is still in the beta stadium.

I’ve ordered Prototype 2 in the Steam store of Valve, as usual like always. If you’ve take a look at the release notes or the product page you’ll see that the game is offered in 5 languages. The small difference is only that you cannot change the language like in every other game. No thanks to the German FSK fuckery Prototype 2 is offered only as a cut version (no problem, I could patch that) and ONLY in German. _ONLY_!! So I can neither change the language in Steam itself, nor does the game accept changes I do in the registry. YAY.

So I’ve contacted the Steam support, since they offered the game in 5 languages. But the support agent only told my that it’s not their problem and I should contact Activision because they released the game.

Okay, so I’ve created an account at Activision and searched where I could create a support ticket for P2. Some days later I got an answer and they told me that thanks to the German law they were forced to do it like that and that even 28 year olds are treated like schoolkids because they might run amok or something.

But Activision at least offered me a refund, but to process this they would have to forward the case to Steam again. Valve however told me that they only would be able to offer me store credits, because reasons. I thought “well whatever”, better than nothing. I am currently waiting over a week for my credits.

Initially I wanted to buy Prototype in the UK to circumvent the German restrictions, but since they are taking ages to process the refund and I only get store credit I surely won’t spend another 50€ for this game, I will have to find other ways.

I’ve already completed thirty percent of the game – thanks to Fairlight. One way of the industry to destroy their business themselves… but sure, just cry all day because people are stealing your software.

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