FUS RO Doh …

Yesterday was a good day to die. Except.. I didn’t die. But as you can see in the Killboard – we had a lot of fun.

Planned was an armor based Dragonslayer fleet, but we started with around 170 pilots who didn’t care about their ships. When we finally departed after we prepared and gathered for about 1.5 hours we bought several system to 30% TiDi and blocked nearly every jumpgate. Local was amused most of the time =P

After we roamed for nearly 3 hours through half the galaxy and didn’t find a single fight that wanted to mess with our 80+ Battleships, we crashed a cruiser/destroyer party in Egghelende and had our fun with them. Since it was planned as a Dragonslayer op, we had our “bait” carrier with us who was joined by two others because they were bored. Apparently this was reason enough for Pandemic Legion to jump us with 13 Supercarriers, 2 Carrieres and a Dreadnought – as it is to be expected from them. The main fleet bounced when they arrived since our enemies were much more agile than our fleet. The battle itself was over before we were able to react, from cyno to destruction of our carriers it took less than 30 seconds. So a successful Dragonslayer op… but sadly our own.

ISK efficiency was of course really low (36.5%), but especially the new pilots had something to tell and leaned a lot during this huge fleet movement. I joined the melee in my Scorpion since if there’s one thing I love besides extreme missiling then it has to be ECM. I also had really luck with my jamming success rate this time (felt like >80%), but sometimes I had to wait several cycles – maybe because I was fully Amarr jammer fitted (as the FC wanted me to be).

I also joined my first incursion this Saturday and, since I don’t have many lazor skills yet, I joined in with my Tengu. I earned about 400m ISK during the 7 hours (we visited only Vanguard sites). This is so crazy, to earn so much ISK for so much less work than I would have during a mission. Sure, you’d have to organize a fleet with the right ships/people and keep everything running but this much reward for so little work is just stunning.

I can also understand why people don’t want missile boats for incursions, it just doesn’t make much sense. I did the job of the drone bunny after the second site and commanded the zerg swarm of doom onto the rats. Worked pretty nicely and was a welcome variety to the usual mission, but overall pretty boring.

Since I don’t want to start the 200+ day gunnery skill plan and I want to fly the Legion first I’d put a 50d logistics skill plan in between. Logistics is one of the more challenging roles during incursions, always wanted and surely not as tiring. I also can use the skills if I want to jump into a carrier with Shark later (90% of those skills are prerequisite anyways).

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