It’s been a while

Wow. Okay. It’s been nearly three years since my last entry here. Yeah I know I’m a lazy bitch and I should write more often etc etc. Many things have happened in these years – I broke up with my girlfriend (and thus moved again), switched jobs, met my new girlfriend and fiancee and moved in with her, played tons of new games and will probably switch jobs in the near future again. Horray!

I won’t bother you with yet another wall of text, like the last time. Instead I’ll fill the gaps of the last 3 years with independent posts that will cover some parts of the time span on their own. I’ll just summarize some of the more important events below:

I’ve broke up with Nicole sometimes early in 2013 and had to move out of the flat, since I was unable to pay for everything on my own. I also had to dispose of most of her garbage since she left much stuff behind and didn’t care at all. The breakup itself wasn’t as messy as it might sound but left me in kind of a financial crisis (breakup plus some of the fckups of my brother that came back to me during this time) but I was able to cope with it thanks to my mom.

I moved into a new flat in Ahrensburg near my work (I was able to drive by bike to work in 10 mins instead of over an hour by train) and got laid off like 3 or 4 month later. Usually I would have seen such move coming, but Acer just made up some reasons to get rid of a whole department (for example one of the reasons was that I wasn’t repairing as many PCs as I should – but they also paid a bonus every month because I did MORE than what was expected from me).
So I was once again looking for a new job and my temp working agency got me a place at Telefonica as a support agent. I was expecting some first level call center shit but the job is actually pretty nice and I don’t have to deal with a single end-customer at all.
But that also meant that I was again traveling to work by train, and yet again it was taking me over an hour to get there – but better this than unemployed.

At the end of 2013 I was visited by Elizabeth, one of my childhood friends and we spent some time together and decided to start a relationship in the beginning of 2014. We’re both very different and it’s not always easy but whatever. We decided to move in together and finally made the move in June 2015. So now I am living with her in Reinbek, a city I’ve lived in before with my brother and Katrin.

Sure, the daily commute to work is still nearly an hour but this might change in the not so distant future as well. Telefonica decided that they don’t want to employ this many temp workers anymore (currently about 50-60% of their workforce is employed through temp work agencies) and offered most of them a contract. I am not one of those, which is partly sad because I’ll miss some of my colleagues but partly nice, because I now can focus on finding a job that actually pays me a decent wage (the new contracts are more or less the same as what we’re getting at our temp agencies). But until I actually get laid off it will take some month, but at most till the end of this year.

I have played countless new games, and old games, and new releases of old games. Currently I am waiting until Overwatch launches next week and spend my time In The Division and League of Legends. Witcher 3, Tomb Raider, Life is Strange and GTA V are also noteworthy. World of Warcraft is on ice until Legion launches and EVE Online got repetitive and boring, so I only login to refresh my skills.

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