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World of Warcraft

Basilica – Monk – WoW

Pheanwen is kinda my Death Knight-Guinea pig. Well okay, I mostly use her for skinning and mining – surely the DREAM job of every DK would be flower picking and alchemy or something, but I didn’t want to hurt her that much. Over all she is just meant for testing class mechanics and when I need to write another addon. I think if this continues like that I’ll soon have an complete account with test class.

Avatar Shidoku

Shidoku was my first character in World of Warcraft. Since I preferred Mage class in almost every game, it’s fitting that the first one in WoW was a Mage too. She was my main character for quite a long time and I learned how to raid with her – “Fire is hot” and so on. Currently she’s only used to show some Horde how to pvp and if there is a Mage needed in raids. Her gear is behind almost every other character tho. She’s got all craftings ans faction epics but since the pvp boss isn’t really dropping anything and she rarely visits a raid instance at all that might stay like this for a while.