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World of Warcraft

Blackbìrd – Hunter – EU-Thrall – Horde

I’ve always loved to play Hunter is several games. Well next to mage, but I’ve always come back to the arrow flinging menace. I currently play as a Marksman Hunter, mostly without pet (except if something needs to be tanked) and while it’s not the best in the current Meta, I enjoy that spec the most.

Blackbírd – Rogue – EU-Thrall – Horde

In PvP there’s nothing more annoying than a rogue popping out of the shadows to mess up your day. Well okay, there is.. and ever since I stopped playing PvP seriously he’s basically just a shadow of his former self (pun intended), but I still love my rogue. Current Spec is Assassination, which is kinda meh to be honest. But I love the bleeds and I am so used to the rotation that I currently don’t want to learn something new.

Bláckbird – Priest – EU-Thrall – Alliance

It might seem strange that my Priest is on Alliance side when all other chars are Horde, and it certainly is. But my Priests have always been Draenei and probably always will be. Well actually this one is a LIGHTFORGED Draenei, a new Race that uh “joined the Alliance”. So I had to check it out and thought they looked really cool. Her current Spec is Holy, which is currently WAY better than Discipline – and I really enjoy healing in Raids with her.

Firekitty – Druid – EU-Thrall – Horde

Firekitty was created simply because of the Fandral’s Flamescythe item. Once obtained you can select a fire appearance for your Feral form and run around as a burning cat. Currently he’s not leveled and just created to reserve the name, but some day I’ll probably get bored enough to level the Druid up.