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Shark5060 is my nickname almost everywhere in the internet. There are exceptions of course, mostly games or sites that don’t allow numbers in the Names (like World of Warcraft) or where the name is already taken (Twitter), but 95% of the times you’ll see the nick, it’s actually me.
The name “Shark” was created during the Counter Strike beta times – the 5060 was added later, since Shark was used almost everywhere already. It had been my “so amazing” high score in a Tetris game, and since I was lacking any greater ideas I kept it.

In Ragnarok Shark5060 was the first character I created, a Mage/Wizard or later High Wizard and long time my only high level char. He even was my main char till almost the end.

In EVE Online he is my active PvE and PvP character, member of the EVE University and a combat tested ILN Soldier. Shark is pretty much a neutral pilot, who only attacks when he sees himself or his friends in danger. He is of Caldari race and operates, like his Achura predecessors, more in the background instead of taking part in every discussion. He accepts and executes the orders of his supervisors unconditionally and without hesitation, even if that might bring him into a hopeless situation. Back in the Gallente-Caldari war he learned to deal with such situations and keep his cool while trusting the decisions of his Fleet Commanders. Shark is able to fly almost every ship of the Caldari Fleet and is able to execute even the more advanced maneuvers. His missile and shield skills are exceptional and he earned several awards for them. Even his foes learned to respect his skills which they are reminded of in countless battles. Shark is open minded about most other pilots, but is biased against Gallente – which is a result of the multiple year long war between the two nations. He doesn’t really hate them tho, some of his best friends are Gallente, but he wouldn’t offer them a beer out of the blue or take them on a mission as long as there alternative pilots. The favorite ship of Shark is his strategic cruiser “Firestorm”, a Tengu class missile boat… even tho he always dreamed of standing at the command post on a Phoenix – the most destructive ship of the Caldari.

peace is just an illusion, there’s war in all of us.

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