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Ragnarok Online

Well since I quitted euRO for good I don’t really have the motivation to write a whole lot here. It was an awesome time, I had a lot of fun, but it had to end some day.

Shark5060 (High Wizard 99/70)
-Chikara- (Champion 99/70)
-Snow- (Creator 99/70) & Vanilmirth Flake
-Wish- (Soullinker 99/50)
-Shinu- (Sniper 99/70)
-Shidoku- (Assassin 9x/50)
Fusselchen (Priest 9x/90)

I also had a GC/Heal Crusader, who was planned to be Devotion Paladin some day. I don’t really remember all the other chars I had, but most of them were some low level twinks anyways.