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Arctic Blue v1

The predecessors of my “Shockwave” builds were called “Arctic Blue”.

Version one was created back when I was still at school, just started my vocational training as IT Technician and had some money on the side.
As a base I used a Thermaltake Xaser II case where I removed the plastic fins on the lower part of the front panel and filled the hole with an aluminum bracket with cutouts for fan installation.
I also installed some LED fans, CCFL tubes and a custom self-built fan controller. Finally I engraved the acrylic part of the side panel with a Dremel power tool (I only had the non-Brand version, but it came with a flexible head attachment, which helped much with that task).
Back in the days you’d rarely see people with TFT screens, since they were just released and expensive… so I still had my trusty CRT. Sadly I don’t remember which hardware was used in this system – it’s been too long.

Here are some pictures taken when I bought the PC with me to the living quarters of the professional school during my vocational training.