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Arctic Blue v2

When Thermaltake released the Xaser III I was delighted to see the changes they implemented in the case design. The whole front panel was made out of several rather thick aluminum layers which formed the iconic x-shape of the Xaser series. It now also included a built-in 4-port fan controller on the top 5½” drive bay, which to be honest wasn’t very uncommon these days, but still a nice touch. The overall construction was still very sturdy and robust, but also quite heavy – not only due to the thick front panel, but also due to the inner structure of the case.
The Xaser III also housed my first custom built water-cooling. A pretty uncommon if not rare thing back then (and even today to some extent, if you don’t count All-In-One coolers). It was done with soft-tubing and most off-the-shelf parts, but the CPU cooler was created by a machinist since there no fitting ones for my board/CPU.
As for the case-modding, I managed to find some pictures of the building process. Some key points:

  • ripped out the original glowing “Thermaltake” logo at the front and replaced it with custom lettering. I had to replace the backlight foil, because the original only illuminated the letters directly.
  • cut out some scratch marks on the left side panel and installed a sandblasted acrylic plate behind it which was illuminated by some LEDs.
  • installed an engraved and illuminated acryl glass plate on the bottom of my mousepad.
  • My mouse was spray painted as well.
  • created a multi layered acrylic glass side window which was illuminated with different colors.

I am also pretty sure that I had a Noritake VFD display in the top at some point, but that might have happened after those photos were taken. You can also see a bit of the water-cooling loop in some of those pictures (the blue tubes with the springs attached around them).