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Shockwave 1.0

I honestly have no memory how or even when things started off with the Shockwave case. I just know what I wanted a bit more cleanly and modern case, which wasn’t “factory modded” like the Xaser series cases. Since I didn’t have much money to start with I blew 99% of it into the hardware and re-used some of the modding parts from Arctic Blue. I also scrapped the water-cooling, since it was just too much of a hassle.

I also don’t really have many pictures of the build or anything, because it wasn’t something special. But this time I can tell you a bit more about the Hardware. I’ve used a ASUS Rampage II Extreme mainboard, paired with an Intel Core i7-920 CPU and either 6 or 12GB OCZ RAM (I’ve had both later on, not sure which I bought first). I am not sure which graphics card I used in there, since it’s not yet installed when the pictures were taken. I haven’t bought a new one with the rest of the hardware, so it probably was something along the lines of a Nvidia GTX 420 or similar. Also here are the TWO photos I have of the (yet still unfinished) system.