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Shockwave 2.0

Version 2 was started in July 2010 when I ordered the Lian-Li PC-B25FWB Mid-Tower from Caseking, which offered a modified version with pre-installed noise dampening material. The case is really nicely designed and has a very elegant feel to it without the whole “factory modded” vibe. Most manufacturers during that time seemed to go for the aggressive “gamer” and “modder” looks and I wanted a change from that. The price tag of 210€ was very hefty tho – I’ve never paid that much for a case again. But honestly, it was worth it. The complete case is made of black anodized aluminum which makes is very lightweight – especially compared to the Xaser. One of my concerns was that the structure would be suffering from the material choice, but Lian-Li installed several structural enhancements that made the whole thing rock solid.
As with Version 1 I am not one hundred percent sure about the hardware used. Mainboard, CPU and RAM were used from the previous build and I added a Nvidia GTX 570 into the mix. It was cooled by a massive custom Heatpipe cooler. The PSU was a Zalman ZM500-MP and some Tower-cooler for the CPU from the same manufacturer.
When I build the case I was working as a retail salesman for kids’ toys and model trains and when we tore down one of our merchandizing display I was able to salvage a cool blue LED stripe which went behind the glass plate I was using as a monitor stand. Looked pretty nice.
Apparently I was pretty bad when it comes to
a) taking pictures of my system and
b) actually TAKING pictures of my system.

Here are the few I have of Version 2.