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so yeah, things happened.

Initially I thought that my rig would stay the same for a long time. I’ve selected the parts to be long lasting and high quality – but well life happens.

My GPU was the first one to bite the dust. After that followed one of the RAM sticks that took the memory lane with it.
Time to rebuild the rig.

Since GPUs are currently not available like AT ALL I’ve went to our “ebay local” site and bought one from someone nearby. Yes I still had to pay a premium, but at least I was able to get my hands on a NVIDIA RTX 3080 FE without waiting half a year or longer. For the mainboard and CPU I decided to give AMD a try. The new Ryzen series outperformed or was equal to Intel at nearly half the price – so that really was a no brainer. I went with a Ryzen 5800X and an ASUS ROG Strix 570-F Gaming. I re-used two of the old Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM sticks (16GB total) and filled the other two empty slots with the RGB expansion sticks from Corsair.

I first upgraded the Corsair Commander Mini to the “Pro” variant, but since this one really had problems with my 3-way Fan splitters (2 Fan controller lanes broke after only a couple of days) I opted to just leave those out alltogether and control the Fans via Mainboard. The X570 also has a temperature header on board so controlling the fans was just as easy as with the CC Pro.

After all was built I faced crashes near instantly. The GPU was constantly recovering from a driver crash and was giving me a nice blinking black screen. So I did what any sane person would do – reinstall windows. As I learned shortly after – this didn’t help at all. So after some more troubleshooting I noticed the error was occuring if I either installed the Ryzen Chipset drivers or the GPU driver. But since you can’t really convince windows to NOT install the GPU driver via Windows Update there was not really anything I could do.
After some more headscratching I decided to do some hardware troubleshooting and found that it worked flawlessly if I plugged the GPU in directly without the Riser cable. So I left it at that and the PC worked flawlessly afterwards.

After some reading I found out that the Riser cable is probably not defective, but simply not compatible with PCIE Gen4, that the GPU and Mainboard are supporting. With my old Mainboard I simply couldn’t use it – so the Riser was working fine.

Well after getting everything working and playing around for a bit I discovered cryptocurrency. Especially mining Ethereum with NiceHash. Since it’s basically free money (my PC was running 24/7 anyways) I of course jumped right into it. Getting ~60MH/s with my 3080 running at 175W. I didn’t want to push it further, because the temperatures are hard to keep in check as they are and I don’t like the sound of a GPU fan going 100% all night long next to my ears.

So it was at this point I decided to finally fulfill my dream of a custom EKWB Watercooling solution. And oooh boy, for the X570-F Gaming they offer a monoblock, which covery VRM and CPU and for the 3080 they have a special edition block which looks just stunning. I went with opaque black flexible tubing since I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of bending Hard Line tubes.