The World as we know it has ended

You got activated during a busy evening at the club, your watch started glowing orange and you knew that shit had hit the fan. Without many words you said goodbye to your friends, your family and went on to get your operation details.
New York, some kind of virus, maybe a biological weapon. They didn’t say what exactly, they didn’t give you much details – just your stuff and a ride to the outskirts of the city where you should meet up with some other agents to get into action. […..]

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It’s been a while

Wow. Okay. It’s been nearly three years since my last entry here. Yeah I know I’m a lazy bitch and I should write more often etc etc. Many things have happened in these years – I broke up with my girlfriend (and thus moved again), switched jobs, met my new girlfriend and fiancee and moved in with her, played tons of new games and will probably switch jobs in the near future again. Horray! […..]

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Shockwave 3.0

So at the beginning of July my PC got damaged during a thunderstorm. Or due to the abnormal heat during that weekend (36-38°C), I don’t know. All I know that when I came home from a wedding I noticed that my PC had restarted and when I tried to unlock it I was greeted with yet another Bluescreen. After some troubleshooting and trial and error I found out that (at least) three of my RAM modules were damaged. So I had a crippled 5 year old PC with only 6GB RAM (instead of 18). […..]

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This post is dated back.

Twenty fifteen started with a blast. My girlfriend and I went to a concert of TAO where we experienced the martial arts of drumming. It was a really great show and we even managed to get some pictures and autographs afterwards. […..]

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Dat Girlfriend

This post is dated back.

Welcome in 2014. This year started with the mitigation from POP3/IMAP to Exchange. I’ve rented a small Hosted Exchange Server from Apps4Rent and transferred my mails over from Bytecamp. They are still hosting my Websites and are handling my Domains, but since they didn’t offer any different Mail plans I had to search for an external hoster. […..]

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