About me / my real life
Hi, I am the guy behind this website. My name is Lutz and I was born in August ’84 in Schweinfurt, Germany. Since 1990 I live in and around Hamburg where I also completed my vocational training as an IT-Technician. After the training I went through a couple of jobs and was employed as an Electrician, System administrator, salesman and PC/Notebook technician. I am currently working in the back office of a telecommunications company and take care of the needs and wishes of the DSL reseller. During my spare time I keep myself busy with programming backends for Websites in PHP/SQL, do small design work or create a new addon for World of Warcraft.

Online Life
I am a gamer since sat in front of a PC for the first time. It began with stuff like Sokoban, PacMan and Tetris (there even a 3D version of the game, but I forgot the exact name). In my youth it continued with Doom, Quake and later Counter-Strike. With CS 1.6 and after I went through several clans we managed to get ESL (former name of the ESPL) Rank 64 (DE).
After I started playing the MMORPG “Ragnarok Online” more or less at the same time I started my vocational training I quit the “professional” scene in the FPS genre. In Ragnarok you had enough competitive possibilities with the War of Emperium and later the Battlegrounds. Five years later, after the game lost most of its charm, I sold all my inGame currency and joined the gamers of another MMORPG: World of Warcraft.
In WoW there were enough raids and arena-games to keep me occupied for a quite a long time, but after they changed all classes, spells and talents yet again with the addon “Mists of Pandaria” I took a break from the game. Other than with Ragnarok, I didn’t gift my account to friends and just put it on ice for the time being just to reactivate it when the addon “Warlords of Draenor” launched. Currently I am still playing it with “Legion”.
During my break I wasn’t on hiatus and played other games like AION or TERA. I also tried out League of Legends and even play it to this day, even if not as frequent as a few month back. LoL wasn’t my first MOBA, but it was way more fun than DOTA2 or Smite. I am surely no professional (Silver I was my highest rank, I think) but for me competitive PvP isn’t as important as it was during my Counter-Strike time.

Gamertags / Names:
Aion: Blackbird, Isheria @ EU-Balder
Tera: Shidoku @ INT-Killian
WoW: Blackbìrd @ EU-Thrall
LoL: Blackbírd @ EU-West
EVE: Shark5060, Kerrigan Blackbird, Katarina Blackbird
Steam: Shark5060
Battle.net: Blackbird#2674

This Website
I registered shark5060.net only to supply friends with some (rare) downloads. Later it was a placeholder site for a forum and even later a blog. It is still the latter, at least in the foreground and even if I might be one of the laziest and the most unreliable bloggers out there. Currently I write a bit about my real life, but mostly about projects like my PC or several games that I play at the moment.

One last thing
If you’re interested I have some recent World of Warcraft videos uploaded on my YouTube Channel. Also some recordings of other games. In the future I will upload old videos of the Ragnarok Online WoE, since YouTube was finally able to draft an agreement with GEMA in Germany and the videos are no longer instantly blocked if they contain non-free music.

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