Many changes

This post is dated back.

As I’ve told you here before my girlfriend broke up with me after we just moved in together (well okay we were living with each other for like 6 month). The reason why she didn’t want to live together with me sounded like something she made up (“I can’t stand your attitude towards life anymore”) and honestly I don’t really care what the real reasons are. I am just a bit sad that I have to move out again, since I cannot afford the flat on my own. […..]

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Solo QQ

Okay, this text is about League of Legends. If you don’t play it I think it won’t make much sense to you. It’s also kind of a rant about ARAM and Normal Queue, since I don’t play Ranked games (yet?) I can’t tell how bad it’s there and I don’t want to judge stuff I haven’t played.

The things I hate MOST about the queue are summarized and described below:

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Destination Unknown

My “epic” video is finally finished… took me long enough.

You can see the video on youtube this time, since I am too lazy to upload a 500MB file on my server. You can view it on YT from germany, in FullHD, so what to wish more for? =D […..]

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FUS RO Doh …

Yesterday was a good day to die. Except.. I didn’t die. But as you can see in the Killboard – we had a lot of fun.

Planned was an armor based Dragonslayer fleet, but we started with around 170 pilots who didn’t care about their ships. When we finally departed after we prepared and gathered for about 1.5 hours we bought several system to 30% TiDi and blocked nearly every jumpgate. Local was amused most of the time =P […..]

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Well.. where to begin ?

It has been a while since I wrote my last post, and of course in this time some stuff happened =)

Let’s begin with the Real-Life, since it’s the fastest one. Like about 2 weeks ago my girlfriend decided that she couldn’t live with me together anymore. So I am single again, yay. She said that she “cannot live with my attitude towards life”. Ofc she noticed that after we lived together for more than six month, but she also had an explanation for that: “ye well I thought I won’t mind”. I don’t know what to think about it, but well – now I am searching for a new apartment.


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