Now in english too

Since about 20% of my viewers use english as their os/browser language, I thought why not translate your blog in english? Well okay, I am totaly at the beginning right now and not much more than this post is translated yet, but it’s a beginning. […..]

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Sometimes I feel if the Service or the general brainfuckery of some companies is still in the beta stadium.

I’ve ordered Prototype 2 in the Steam store of Valve, as usual like always. If you’ve take a look at the release notes or the product page you’ll see that the game is offered in 5 languages. The small difference is only that you cannot change the language like in every other game. No thanks to the German FSK fuckery Prototype 2 is offered only as a cut version (no problem, I could patch that) and ONLY in German. _ONLY_!! So I can neither change the language in Steam itself, nor does the game accept changes I do in the registry. YAY. […..]

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Much to tell

Well, it’s been a while since I last wrote here. Heads up: Diablo3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Aion, EVE Online, moving, cats… well this should be a summary of this article. Just prepare for a wall of text =D […..]

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Always funny

It’s always funny. I host several forums, websites and other things that friends of me uploaded. […..]

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Website is redone … again

Good and even better news. I will, after the server is now moved and works as intended, redo most parts of my homepage. […..]

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